About us

What is C-E-I-C ?

  • C...entro de
  • E...nseñanza de
  • I...diomas y
  • C...ultura

The Centro de Enseñanza de Idiomas y Cultura ( C-E-I-C ) is a language institute ( Spanish School ), which teaches the Spanish language under the full integration of the language and culture of Hispanic countries.

    • Address:
      C-E-I-C Centro de Enseñanza de Idiomas y Cultura,
      Km 9 Autopista Duarte, Urbanización Villa Marina,
      Calle Primera #7, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      Phone: 001 - 809 - 560 70 12
      e-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
 Goals and visions


    • It is our goal, through the training we offer, to promote communication among people with different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, we would like to contribute to a better bilateral cultural understanding. We have made it our duty, to provide students with the ability to communicate effectively in different real life situations, within a Hispanic surrounding.

 What we offer

we offer...

    • ...a comprehensive language program for all levels
    • personalized training
    • special courses for companies and organizations
    • flexible training schedules
    • good learning environment
    • family homestay during training course
    • training material included
    • complementary activities out of the classroom- "day of experience"
    • competitive prices

...and the possibility of a family homestay:

Family homestay C-E-I-C highly recommends to the applicants of our language programs to include family homestay, for the following reasons:

    • The student can apply his learned Spanish knowledge with the family, which will accelerate the learning process.
    • The student will experience the Dominican life or culture in his reality.
    • The student experiences the way of living in a Hispanic surrounding. C-E-I-C chose and prepared carefully, middle class families for students participating in our language programs. The families involved in our program integrate students in their daily activities and provide the students with breakfast and dinner

    • Families are located at 10 to 45 minutes by public transport from the school. Our accommodation nights are calculated as follows: arrival on Sunday before course start, departure on Saturday after course end. In our homestay, we offer the possibility of earlier arrival or later departure with an extra cost. Also, in case of being interested in a private bathroom at an extra cost.

 Our Staff


    • C-E-I-C teachers are a group of professionals graduated with at least a BA degree in the teaching of languages. Our teachers have extensive experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. In successful training, we have already worked with different groups from the USA, Europe and Japan.

 How we teach

Use of the language for real life situations

    • C-E-I-C teaching methodology is based on different communication techniques, whereby we impart to students the use of the language for real life situations.
    • The teacher considers the personal goals and wishes of the student.
    • The student is requested to participate actively during the training and learns by role play, interviews and discussions, the use of the language in real life situations.
    • The student will deepen his knowledge of the grammatical rules learnt by utilizing work sheets, thereby extending his vocabulary.
    • The teacher continuously reassesses his students to ensure that the lessons completed were fully understood and, if necessary, conducts revisions of previously taught material adding explanations for further clarity.
    • The program also includes complementary city tours for the students, accompanied by their teachers, with the purpose of practicing their Spanish knowledge in real life situations. On this "experience day", the students will visit places of cultural interest in Santo Domingo, formed after the discovery of the island Hispaniola by Christopher Columbus 500 years ago.

 Location: Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

    • The Dominican Republic, within the Greater Antilles, is the second largest country in the Caribbean. It occupies the eastern two-thirds or 48,482 square kilometers of the island of Española (Hispaniola) that it shares with the Republic of Haiti, situated on the western end. Its territory is surrounded with a coast line of approximately 1,600 km. The Central Mountain range boasts the highest peak in the Antilles, Pico Duarte, which rises 3175 meters.
    • Google Maps - Santo Domingo: let me see