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Kenichi Kamagahara    29 April 2010 13:19
Yo estaba bien.
Muchas gracias de todo coraz?n.

Mandy    09 April 2010 07:28
It's taken me a little time as i have been travelling since attending classes in Santo Domingo but i did promise Mercedes that I would sign in the guest book. Si, yo se que la realidad es que debo escribir en espanol pero es mas facil para mi en Ingles!
I just want to let any possible students know that the school is very welcoming and i had a great experience. I did a home stay and my family were really lovely. In fact everybody that i came across was really warm and friendly in the Dominican Republic in general.
Highly recommended! :)

shoji yasue    10 February 2010 10:10
Mucs gracias por las profesoras en CEIC. Era muy agradable durante un mes de la eschuela CEIC. Nunca olvidar? la clase dhae CEIC.

Mika Hirazumi    10 February 2010 09:59
Buenos dias!
Yo aprendi en CEIC.
Me divert? mucho.
Me gusta espa?ol se lo debo a las profesoras.
!Muchas gracias!

Leah    08 February 2010 09:17
I spent four weeks here at CEIC and I really enjoyed my classes. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish. CEIC takes your learning experience out of the classroom and in to the real world. I was able to travel to different sites in the Dominican Republic as well as learn how to take public transportation to and from school on local buses. All of the staff at CEIC are extremelly friendly and welcoming. It was always a pleasure coming to class and I wish I could stay and learn more! I felt completely safe here the entire time I stayed here and I would encourage anyone who is interested to look further into this school and do not be discouraged to come to the Dominican Republic after the earthquake in Haiti. The area affected was a little more than 5 hours away from this location and we were not affected at all. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me!

Rob Joosten    08 January 2010 13:19
During vacation I did my best to study some Spanish, good combination with visiting Santo Domingo. Thanks to mi professera Dilicia I had a good time. :)

Jens-Uwe Geis    18 December 2009 11:57
Tuve un tiempo muy agradable en su escuela, aprende mucho en una atmosfera de tranquilidad. Muchas Gracias para su ayuda, espero que volver un dia.

Kana Matsumoto    03 November 2009 10:08
Me gusta CEIC.
Las profesoras son muy amables y s?mpaticas para los estudiates.
El patio es bonito.
Nunca olvidare la vida de aqui.

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