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--Barbara Eby    28 May 2006 05:15
When I set foot in the Dominican Republic in May, 2000 for a 3-year missionary term, I knew very little Spanish and very little about this country. After a 4-week "intensive"-- classroom study 4 hours a day, 5 days a week; cultural field trips, living in a Dominican home--at CEIC, I felt able and confident to move to the "campo," communicate the necessary basics, and use public transportation. The teachers have been competent, patient, and available for tutorial sessions when requested. --Barbara Eby, Azua, DR Hope this finds you all doing well!
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Original Posting Date: 06.03.2002

Peggy Boshart    28 May 2006 05:14
As an American working with Dominican church leaders, learning Spanish has been crucial to my job. At CEIC, my teacher tailored my studies to what I would be doing in my work. We jumped right in to speaking Spanish (as much as I could) the first day, but thankfully she was extremely patient and encouraging. The fieldtrips, including learning how to use public transportation, helped me feel more comfortable getting around the country. My host family provided lots of opportunities to practice what I learned each day while the teenage son helped me learn my numbers by playing several games of Monopoly. I received from this program a great foundation to the Spanish language, an introduction to the Dominican culture, resource people that I continue to use, and good friends.
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Original Posting Date: 07.03.2002

Becky Crouse    28 May 2006 05:13
I moved to the Dominican Republic 3 years ago to work with the Dominican church. I knew no Spanish and was trying to limp along with one class per week. After 8 months here I realized I needed intensive study and a friend recommended CEIC. I had Marta Garcia as my teacher and she helped me advance rapidly so that after 5 months of lessons (3 times per week 2 hours per session) I was ready to travel alone and feel confident in my work and communication abilities. We have also had a number of church workers take language and cultural intensives with CEIC. CEIC provides a wonderful way to learn about the Dominican culture while learning Spanish. We highly recommend the staff of CEIC to anyone wishing to learn rapidly in a friendly, helpful environment.
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Original Posting Date: 08.04.2002

Sally Gardner    28 May 2006 05:12
I traveled to the D.R. for my cross cultural experience for college, and while there for three weeks, I had classes at CEIC three days a week. Not only did Marta teach me Spanish (patiently!), but she answered my questions about the culture. I learned a lot of Spanish in my three weeks in the D.R., both from the classes, and from living with a Spanish-speaking family.
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Original Posting Date: 26.04.2002

Karl Boyno    28 May 2006 05:11
I am teacher in the South Bronx, and a large number of my students are Dominican. CEIC afforded me the opportunity to learn the language of the Dominican Republic, but also to learn about the culture and history of this country. In 4 weeks I went from being unable to order dinner in a restaurant, to being able to converse with people in buses and in the street. The teachers are warm and helpful and the entire organization is more like a family than a school. This is truly a great place. I look forward to returning.
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Original Posting Date: 16.08.2003

Daniel Vincent Green    28 May 2006 05:11
!Muchos saludos para la gente de CEIC! Quiero decirles muchas gracias por este servicio que estan ofreciendo para la gente que viene a la Republica Dominicana con falta de conocimiento del idioma. Ustedes han sido muy importantes para la Mision de La Iglesia de Los Hermanos aqui. Muchos de nosotros venimos sin saber mucho espanol (o nada, como yo). No conociamos mucho de la cultura ni el transporte publico, tampoco. Si no fuera por la ayuda de ustedes, yo hubiera tenido muchas mas dificultades que las que tenia en el principio. Ustedes me dieron una base muy fuerte en el idioma y ahora con este conocimiento, me saldra mas facil encontrar un empleo en mi pais. Gracias por todo. Espero que sigan dando este servicio y que todo vaya bien con la escuela. Dios les bendiga mucho. Espero que nos veamos de nuevo un dia.
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Original Posting Date: 09.09.2003

Keith Syler    28 May 2006 05:08
I would highly recommend CEIC to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. I spent two very productive weeks in Santo Domingo--starting out from essentially zero Spanish. Of course I have much to learn and must practice, but CEIC has provided me with a very solid base from which to continue to learn. CEIC truly tailored the program to suit my needs. My teacher was incredibly astute at directing my studies in a very orderly fashion that targeted my specific linguistic challenges. CEIC is a good deal. If I can find time to return, I will! There is no better place to be in February than the Dominican Republic!
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Original Posting Date: 11.02.2005

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