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Bobby Fisher    01 June 2006 16:11
Muchos Gracias por todas Juan y Ana. Yo apprede mucho en dos semanas. Tambien, gracias por la paciencia y estimulo. My two weeks at CEIC have been an excellent learning experience. I found the facility, instructors and curriculum to be excellent. The approach to teaching and the flexibility of the staff made the experience a good fit for me personally. I look forward to returning to the school next year for a 'second round'. Until then my friends - go with God. Bobby Fisher
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Original Posting Date: 05.03.2004

Tadashi Mizuno    01 June 2006 16:10
I think this school is very good. I studied for three weeks here CEIC. At first, I was nourvous with studing with Dominican native teachers, but they were very kind for me. I loved studing spanish at this school,because the quolity of the proffesers are very good. In this school, we can study spanish in the garden which there are many beautiful trees,birds,and some plants under the blue sky. I think it is important for students that study such a comfortable place. Thank you very much for teachers.
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Original Posting Date: 30.10.2003

sasa    01 June 2006 16:10
El dia 25 de febrero me marchare a japon, aunque hunde el mundo yo no les olvidare, Bueno nos veremos pronto! cuidense ! CHAAAAAAO. sasa
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Original Posting Date: 23.02.2004

Nathan Horner    01 June 2006 16:10
I really enjoyed the environment and the relaxed atmosphere of the classroom. The teachers are helpful in many aspects, not only in language but in transportation and general knowledge of the city and Dominican culture.
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Original Posting Date: 18.02.2005

Anika Roth    01 June 2006 16:09
In such small classes, each student gets personalized curriculum and attention. The instructors are astute in their assessment of each students' need. They are also culturally sensitive, and do their best to help the student adjust. They promote an informal atmosphere, and go out of their way to make sure the students succeed.
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Original Posting Date: 18.02.2005

Garrett Gingerich    01 June 2006 16:08
This was an excellent school to learn Spanish as a second language. The type of classes can adapt to multiple styles of learning. I highly recommend this school if you want to learn Spanish or about the Dominican Soul.
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Original Posting Date: 18.02.2005

Martin Finkbeiner    28 May 2006 05:23
Dear Visitor, the Homepage was updated on 20 May 2006. So it was necessary to import the guestbook entries. The original posting dates were found in the admins comment.

Janina    28 May 2006 05:15
In November 2001 I passed two weeks at C-E-I-C. I had an excellent time there! The classes were very effective, I had great fun learning lots of things, not only about Spanish Grammar but also about Dominican culture, politics and social issues. Apart from the classes at the school we went on outings to the city centre and the colonial zone where I could practice what I had learned in class. I was lodged with a family who lived near the school. From the first day Dona Margarita and her family treated me like a member of their family. I felt immediately at home there! All in all a language vacation with C-E-I-C is absolutely recommendable! Thanks for everything to Marta, Ana and the whole team! Un abraza a todos! Janina
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Original Posting Date: 02.03.2002

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