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Jess Buller    08 June 2006 12:10
thanksso much for all your work with our group. i really enjoyed getting to know the staff here at CEIC, and working on my spanish-speaking skills. you guys are great. thanks for everything and best of luck in the future. blessings...

Bethany Wright    08 June 2006 12:06
I really loved the program here! You are all awesome people and amazing teachers!! blessings1 :grin

Maria Rakochy    08 June 2006 12:03
CEIC was a great experience. I feel like I learned a lot of useful Spanish, and the course content was very beneficial. It is a beautiful place to get a basic understanding of the Spanish language.

Stephanie Kennell    08 June 2006 12:03
CEIC is a wonderful place to learn spanish and the cultural customs of the Dominican Republic. It has a beautiful setting, and is good place to improve Spanish speaking skills.

Joel Kauffman    08 June 2006 11:57
CEIC has a great learning environment and the professoors are amazing.

Heather Slavin    08 June 2006 11:56
I really enjoyed my time at CEIC. The professors were amazing and the time spent here was unforgettable. :grin

Melanie H?berli    03 June 2006 11:38
Im /Januar/Februar 2000 verbrachte ich einen Monat in Santo Domingo. In diesem Monat konnte ich mein Spanisch erheblich verbessern und hatte dank dem interessanten und abwechslungsreichen Unterricht doch nie das Gef?hl ich m?sse b?ffeln. Besonders gefallen hat mir der Bezug zur Praxis: als wir uns zum Thema Verkehr in die Caros publicos quetschten, zum Thema Essen gemeinsam kochten usw. Ich CEIC jedem, der nicht nur die Sprache lernen will, sondern auch die Kultur miterleben will nur w?rmstens empfehlen!
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Original Posting Date: 19.03.2002

John Johnson    01 June 2006 16:15
An intensive funfilled course, turning the complete beginner into a competent speaker in days! Muchas Gracias John Johnson Siemens Power Generation.
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Original Posting Date: 19.12.2001

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