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Zach "Nacho" Mille    14 June 2007 12:09
I'm very thankful for my time spent here at CEIC. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my class very much! I was glad to be put in the same class as Jordan Swartzendruber...because he is hot.

Ashley Luginbuhl    14 June 2007 12:07
I really enjoyed my experience at CEIC. I think my spanish has improved a lot after taking classes here at CEIC. The staff here are very nice.

Jordan Clay Swartzen    14 June 2007 12:05

Lindsay Rheinheimer    14 June 2007 11:59
Thank you for all of the help you gave. I had not had Spanish for such an long time, and the review was great. I appreciated all of the help and vocab that I needed for the guaguas

Katie Schreck    14 June 2007 11:46
I found my experience here very valueable and irreplaceable. I feel much improved on my knowledge of Spanish since when I first came to the school. I learned much in my class and enjoyed the time with our teacher. She was a great professor and has inspired me to keep up the work with learning and practicing more each day. Thanks for a wonderful language experience here 8)

Jodi Birkey    14 June 2007 11:41
I have had a great time here at CEIC. I have learned a lot more spanish and feel more comfortable with my verb conjugations. I have really appreciated have Marta as my teacher. She has taught us in a manner that has been entertaining and educating!

Lucy Roth    14 June 2007 11:36
Durante mi tiempo en la escuela aprendia muchas cosas sobre la lengua y cultura de la Republica Dominicana. Aprendia en las clases pequenas y una ambiente tranquila. Era un tiempo buenisimo!

Megan Sohar    08 June 2006 12:11
Thank you so much for all your help in teaching me to speak Spanish. I have seen great improvements in my ability to use the language. I have appreciated the kindness, humor and helpfulness that you have all displayed. :)

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