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Kelly Shenk    14 June 2007 12:40
Thanks so much for everything. I learned a lot of Spanish and had a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the camaraderie with the language teachers. Thanks!

Hannah Jantzi    14 June 2007 12:35
Thanks for the instruction. CEIC provides a natural, personal language education, and I appreciate the focus on spoken spanish. I thorougly enjoyed my experience here.

tera brackman    14 June 2007 12:31
i had an awesome time learning and practicing spanish in my class! thanks for a great experience i really learned a lot!

Drew Horst    14 June 2007 12:25
Thanks for all of your hard work, my Spanish has definately improved.

Betha Maust    14 June 2007 12:24
Thanks so much for everything! I had a wonderful time learning Spanish here, and I feel like I learned a lot. It was a great experience.

Emily Yoder    14 June 2007 12:22
Thanks for a great six weeks, I had a fantastic time and learned a lot!

Laurelyn Foderaro    14 June 2007 12:17
Thanks so much for your time and efforts in our classes. I have improved a lot in the 6 week course. Ruth was a great teacher and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere as well. Gracias! 8)

Justin Hochstetler    14 June 2007 12:13
Thanks so much. I had a great time studying here and enjoyed the atmosphere and being able to study and learn outside in cabanas.

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